In today’s fast-moving online world, attention spans are short and second chances rare. Competition is fierce and there’s a mighty fine line between barely surviving and profitably thriving. If your story doesn’t seize attention and convert prospects, opportunities are gone... in the click of a mouse. Don’t sell yourself short. Skilled copywriting energises your website and wins customers.

Good words are game-changers.

Whether you're a local trader, service provider or big business owner, your website should work hard for you. Every word must pay its way, making a positive impact on your audience and rewarding your investment. Effective, targeted copy makes a world of difference and needn't cost the earth. 

If it’s time for a fresh approach, let’s put powerful content centre-stage in your marketing strategy. Yes, creative design catches the eye but pretty pictures alone don’t do the business. Words are the deal-makers. Compelling copy is the driving force of every successful website. Whatever you’re planning, new site or makeover, I can help.

So, if you’re looking for a professional copywriter with a wealth of experience and proven track-record, please get in touch and let’s talk business.

We invested a lot in our rebrand and needed the copy to not only capture the tone of our business, but also convert website visitors into enquiries. Eric did an excellent job on both these counts - helping us get a quick return on investment from his copywriting skills. As a fellow marketing man, I highly recommend his services.
Marcus Hemsley, Director, Fountain Partnership. Google International Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency.
I’m not an ad agency or art school man. I came to copywriting from the business school of hard knocks.

Having managed international brands including Ben Sherman and Savile Row, I now focus exclusively on copywriting for enterprises big and small.

I’ve built successful relationships with a wide range of clients and written copy for everything from websites to advertising campaigns.
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